Compaction Grouting

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Sinkhole Solutions
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Helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist both tension and axial compression forces. Read More


Steel underpinning is an effective solution that takes the load of the foundation system off the soft soils and extends it... Read More


Injection Piers:
Injection piers utilize both the underpinning and the compaction grouting method. Read More


Chemical Grouting:
Chemical grouting is mainly used in areas where shallow sinkholes have formed . Read More

Global Compaction Grouting
A time tested solution for lose soils

imgCompaction grouting can strengthen soil that is weak or has broken apart over many years. This is the direct injection of grout to fill the space in between soil particles. The actual process of pressure grouting involves placing hollow pipes three to five feet apart in the soil until hard dirt is reached, at which point the grout, a rockless concrete, is forced through the pipes. This blends with the soil and fills in all the particles, making it more compact and strong enough to support your foundation.

Pressure grouting is chosen after carefully surveying your soil and foundation. It is an extremely flexible solution to foundation leveling, since different tools and methods can be chosen depending on a number of things, from the size of the structure that needs stabilization to the area of the soil where pressure grouting needs application.